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The PLOG and BLOG section.
Here you will be able to see and read about some of my personal writings and displays of work that won't be found elsewhere on the website.
I cover a range of subjects such as photography, technology and sometimes criticisms on subjects away from cameras and such.

Windows 10 and the FEAR

Windows 10 and the FEAR: We are all aware of horrible Malware and Ransomware. It has been in the media for weeks, how recent Ransomware are causing chaos and the steps we should take to not get hold of this horrible stuff.
So maybe Microsoft and Windows would be more aware of the fragility of peoples' nerves when we use our PCs nowadays... WRONG!

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The Return of Kodak Ektachrome

The Return of Kodak Ektachrome: Back in 2012, Kodak discontinued the film citing sales that weren’t as strong as they needed to be. Last year was the fourth anniversary of its discontinuance. Kodak Ektachrome was recommended as the replacement for Kodachrome, and for a short time was Kodak’s only available slide film. Then it disappeared, and Kodak had none available on the market.

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Windows 10 - My Verdict... So Far

Windows 10 - My Verdict... So Far. I say my verdict "so far" because even though Windows 10, Microsoft's current Operating System, has been out for well over a year it is only within the last 30 days have I had it. Within the 30 days I have been...well... doing the same stupid mindless idiotic crap that I did on the previous Windows. So does it work? Yes. Is it fast? Yes. Is it amazing? You really need to get out more.

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