National Geographic - 125th Anniversary - The Photography Issue


The Power of Photography. 

The October 2013 issue of National Geographic is a special one for us photographers, spectators of the world and fans of National Geographic alike. We have The Photography Issue, a special 125th anniversary issue of the magazine that first debuted in 1888, used the first photos in the magazine in 1904, beholder of the iconic image of Sharbat Gula which is headlined on it's front cover to the spectacular images in it's present day.

We know as photographers and anyone else who knows of National Geographic is that upon beholding their images we can easily establish they are nothing short of spectacular. We know that the gift that we receive from the images of this iconic magazine is a special occasion by itself. 

The front cover presents to us this special occasion. Leading the way with Steve McCurry's famed "Afghan Girl", we then open up to a pull-out collage of other iconic images which have featured in the pages of this magazine. Pictures that instantaneously remind you of the time and place when you once laid in awed gaze at them.

Cover of National Geographic The Photography Issue.

Cover of National Geographic The Photography Issue.

Robert Draper, a contributing writer for the magazine wrote a fabulous article in this edition. In it he states that "their (the photographers) images remind us that a photograph has the power to do infinitely more than document. It can transport us to unseen worlds". That has never been closer than the truth. We, as photographers, look at these images and wish some day, just one day we will capture that moment, that place, that historical moment and make it all spectacular and epic.
In this edition we also have a small background story of how some of these legacy shots came about and depicts the monumental amount of effort needed for that one shot.

Among the most iconic images we are also blessed with photos from photographers Marcus Bleasdale, James Balog, Martin Schoeller, David Guttenfelder, Joel Sartore and my personal favourite section from Abelardo Morell which accompany the familiar excellent articles we get to expect from the magazine.

Even if you don't read the magazine or not even a photographer I would implore you to go out and get yourselves a copy. In this edition there is also a section on how many "bare breasted women photos" there have been since 1896. This has it all and who knows this might just come in handy at your pub quiz one day.
This edition is guaranteed to inspire, shock and blow your mind. An ultimate collectors piece and a must for your magazine rack.

"A great photograph can explode the totality of our world, such that we never see it quite the same way again"
                                                                                                                                                              - Robert Draper