Photofair @ Bangkok 2013 (Day 1)

Tour and Walking Shenanigans.

Firstly I would like to say that I never learn... I always underestimate the size of buildings here in Bangkok.
The event is being held at BITEC, a convention centre in Bang Na, Bangkok and covers 50,400 square metres. So, if you are going, do not be like me, find your comfortable shoes, use plenty of anti-perspirant and prepare to walk.... alot.
For those of you reading in the comfort of your favourite seat, I will guide you through the mayhem, the craziness and the awesome geekiness of the Bangkok Photofair 2013.

Welcome to Photofair 2013

The Initial Tour

Day 1 and it's very exciting here even before we enter the centre. A grand line of very stern security officials wearing boots that are designed to crush bones have formed a line from the entrance doors to the inside of the arena. Whole groups of people look on eagerly for something. Suddenly fanfare! More security! Long line of cream Rolls Royes' pull to the entrance and out from the leading car is Queen Sikrit of Thailand. People are very delighted now, I cast my eyes over and take a quick glimpse over to the security personnel who are waiting to try out their shiny metal capped boots on my face if I even dared take a photograph.

After a while we are let in, the crowd flowing like water into the chasm of the arena. For the photographers and geeks this is heaven.

The Floor

From all the eye can see we have all the booths featuring all the newest things from all the leading brands on proud display.
It does involve a bit of luck navigating yourself around. The floor is set up with one section containing DSLRs and then further down we have compact systems and lenses.
Around the edges of the centre we have a plethora of accessories, bags, filters, tripods, studio lighting, flash guns etc.

My new Belgian friend William and I talking the pros and cons of the new Sony RX10.

So what else is there to come....

It is all very exciting and tiring here. There is so much to keep the geek inside of me happy for hours but caffeine can only do so much.

Now that I have introduced you to the mayhem and excitement of the 24th PhotoFair here in Bangkok. I hope that those of you who are lucky enough to live here in Bangkok come and give it a visit and those of you unfortunate not to be able to make it I hope you stick with me.

On day 2 I will be previewing and getting my hands dirty with some of the latest cameras for you. Including the Sony RX100ii, the new Fuji X-E2 and last but not least.... the brand new Nikon Df.

It is very exciting here, I am running around like a school child on pop-rocks, this is only day 1, much more to come.
I hope you enjoy my coverage and continue the thrills and titillation of the 24th PhotoFair 2013 along with me.

Inside the Centre. Sony, Nikon, Canon, Pentax, Olympus..... everybody.

If you are in the market for industrial size printers, well then here is the right place for you to come and take a peak at some of the most current printers around, from the Epson Stylus R3000 to the monstrous-sized portion Epson Stylus Pro 11880.

I am also amazed at the sound of the room, something is definitely raising a few skirts in the room. I am guided by the din.
I find that Sandisk and Power Buy are having a head-to-head auction sell off. It's a battle to sell as many Sandisk memory cards as possible. To auctions battling against each other... at the same time. People are going insane. I find one gentleman, against his wife's wishes, frantically bidding for a 32gb memory card. He won it and got it for 200Baht (£4-$6). I don't really know why his wife was so upset. I thought he done really well.

Which model is that?... not that kind of model.