My Coffee Quest: One man and his coffee: Introduction

Coffee, Coffee Everywhere! But where?

Coffee!  I love the smell of it (especially early morning when the smell is mixed with the enticing aroma of bacon), and of course the taste. I even love the pronunciation of the noun.
Coffee is very similar to wine. If you wanted to be a snob you would regard and look at the colour; is it a light coffee or dark coffee, the aroma; does it smell nutty or like tobacco; and of course not forgetting the tastes.
Like wine, coffee can be analysed right down to its origins. The beans are studied right down to the moment that the coffee shrubs are planted, months before they hit our coffee cups.
Coffee appreciation can lead the coffee lover down many paths of knowledge, from the origins, biology, cultivation, processing and brewing. And also other relations, such as the history, the political and the economy of coffee.

My morning ritual. Magic black water.

You could literally become a super expert at coffee. I, on the other hand have a history of wine appreciation. Wine is purely fascinating, I could literally talk about wine for hours and hours before even taking a taste of the stuff.
I have had countless scenarios where I try to educate my friends on how to appreciate wine and always the reaction I get in return is the look of, as I could only explain as, "for god's sake, just let me drink my glass of wine!!".
I was always afraid of being seen as an elitist or a snob. But, to be honest, I rather enjoyed the feeling.
But, I have a much more relaxed relationship with coffee.

I have been living in Bangkok for four months now and I have tried many establishments here in the city. There are plenty of Starbucks, True coffee, other shops and street stalls which sell the lovely black water. But, I am on a Coffee Quest. A quest to find some of the better tasting coffees that the city has to offer. Also, to find the best cafés and coffee shops.

I will be making a series of posts, sharing with you what I think is some of the more unique places to get your coffee here in Bangkok.
Take it from me as a coffee lover, I wish you to find that better cup.