My Coffee Quest: Drip Coffee

Drip Coffee

Gallery Drip Coffee, BACC, Rama 1 Rd. Bangkok, Thailand
Opening Hours: Tue-Sun 10am-9pm
Nearest Train: BTS National Stadium

I will start my coffee quest adventure with my current favourite coffee shop. Situated in the heart of Bangkok, it is an effortless journey to find a cup of fabulous tasting coffee.

The shop itself is located on the ground floor of the Arts and Culture Centre in Siam, Bangkok. A quick skip from BTS National Stadium and you are there. The shop firstly is in a brilliant location. Art all around you. It is impossible not to be inspired somewhat.

Drip Coffee: Quaint, Quipy, Quality, Quick but rarely Quiet.

The scene is a very mixed one. A colourful array of exhilarated tourists, University students, yuppies and in-the-know locals frequent Drip Coffee for its stellar quality coffees.
The music is an inoffensive blend of chilled out "coffee jazz" and pop. The staff are super cheerful and highly professional, but sometimes have an air of exasperation towards clueless customers (tourists who are new to the Drip Coffee menu).
The walls are covered in hand-drawn art which is related to a coffee theme. The shop is bright and blends in well with the gallery.

The coffee here is strictly drip coffee. You will not find macchiatos or other espresso based drinks here, although they do a hot and cold latte.
The beverage menu is displayed and artistically written in chalk on a blackboard behind the counter. On the "usual" board is a hot and iced house coffee, an iced mocha, a coffee jelly and a hot or iced latte. The lattes are really a wonder to look at. There is a fantastic contrast between the noir coffee and the frothy milk. Everyone in the coffee shop enthusiastically swivels around or pirouettes their heads when these are displayed on their journey to the lucky customer.

A selection of tea beverages are also on the usual board. What I like is the inclusion of matcha tea, which can be served either hot or iced. Their gallery fruit punch, which has been said to be very tasty and ultra refreshing, will sequentially quench and suppress the Bangkok heat.

My favourite part of the board belongs to the Single Origin coffees, a rotating mix of sourced coffee from around Thailand, Vietnam and other producing countries, where each type of bean is picked by a member of the Drip Coffee team. Served black so the customer can appreciate the coffee's unique appearance, smell and taste, the end result is nothing short of fantastic, each coffee delivering something different from the last. Each has its own style, its own taste, its own relationship with you.

Drip Coffee: Masterly made coffee.

Drip Coffee however, occasionally seems to suffer from its own popularity. Last time I visited, customers accumulated around the bar, and all of the seating inside and outside were taken. This odd crush, however, is the exception to the rule, and Drip Coffee is typically a very laidback place.

Coffee art. My drawing of "Coffee Love". It's hard not to get inspired here in Drip Coffee.

But let's be honest. Even if Drip Coffee were the most abrasive coffee shop in Bangkok, which by a million miles it isn't, I would still come by for a cup of coffee.
Stocked up with some of the hands-down best looking cakes and amazing coffee, its presence is hard to pass up or ignore.

Life moves so fast as it does, especially here in Bangkok, but watching the coffee drip throughout the day was an ascetically beautiful and extremely social ritual. It is easy to see why the coffee culture is so popular. Here you can sit down, relax and enjoy a real and different cup of coffee.