"I've always wanted to be connected with my fridge."

If there was anything you'd want to be more connected with, the very last thing on your my would be your fridge.

Okay, a weird start to another Blog post. This subject came about as I was exercising my weekly round of window shopping on the streets of Bangkok. I was walking through the Paragon shopping centre and detoured through the Power Buy in the epic Paragon Department store in Siam. Upon trying out a couple of new Sigma lenses that I have ogling over since the Camera Fair I proceeded deeper into the store. 
There you will be able to find the more heavier and homelier electrical devices. From the hand held cameras, to the mobile phones, then TV's, then white goods, then washing machines, then fridge freezers then whole kitchens! 
Wait, there is something new going on.

It seems at first glance that buying a fridge is the "new" thing. Instead of just displaying the fridges in its glory, there are several representatives from Samsung, colourful displays, bunting and odd demonstration equipment.
Thinking that Samsung doesn't do things buy halves I decide to take a time-out for five minutes and check out the demonstration.

Even though, the demonstration was all in Thai I did manage to understand what was being said.
Samsung are planning to take over your home! Yes... They want to take over your fridge, your TV, your phone, your cooker, your vacuum cleaner, your taps, your heating, your hi-fi, your lights...( And insert whatever else you can think of in your home here)
Samsung are now starting their drive to make your products connected to the internet. No longer will your phone or tablet be used for just playing Angry Birds, Flappy crap and general browsing. Soon you will be communicating with appliances around your entire home. Turn on the coffee machine, self-clean the over or even download a record of how many times the fridge door had been opened through-out the day and what items were taken out.

Okay, this had me quite excited but then I lost interest. It just feels incredibly gimmicky. I am thinking that it would be a good idea but the honeymoon period would be over and instead of me turning the lights on using my phone I'll just end up doing it the old fashioned way and actually using my body that incorporates my trusty fingers to do it.
With our behaviours easily being recorded by this technology and with the NSA hacking into our movements, it is not hard to think of consequences by putting these two aspects together.

Technology now is integrating with the internet and the possibilities this year for technology will be an interesting item to watch. If you are interested in things Technology. So if you are in the market for that new fridge, wait a while and soon you'll be able to dictate who can enter your fridge and for what reason. People will never steal your food again!