My Coffee Quest: Zucré


Zucré coffee shop, CharoenKrung Road Soi 56. Bangkok, Thailand
Opening Hours: Mon-Sat 11am-9pm
Nearest Train: BTS Saphan Taksin


At the lower end of Charoenkrung road lay many hidden charms: foods that will astound the senses, shops that are happy on the wallet and of course an uncountable amount of places to find a tasty beverage. Perched in the middle of all this delightful mayhem is Zucré.

Front of Zucre coffee shop. Situated on Charoenkrung Road Soi 56

Upon entering Zucré you are greeted with an uninterrupted view of the pastries and patisserie display. For the weak willed sweet toothed people out there, this is on par to a red light district for desserts. 
The slogan for Zucré is a "taste of home" and indeed the desserts here are made at the premises: cheesecakes, fruit-tarte, tiramisu, macadamia-nut and coffee cake and more deliciousness to accompany your beverage.
Zucré also has a small food menu available to you. It is limited but includes some easy-going snacks such as sandwiches and French-fries.

The drinks menu here is also quite plentiful. The big board displays to you the drinks with the option to have them hot, cold of frappe'd. 
The coffee is very much espresso based. Choices include espresso, lattes, cappuccino and macchiato. 

Inside of Zucre. Very nice.

Inside of Zucre. Very nice.

Another look inside.

Another look inside.

Beverages are not just limited to coffee but to a nice selection of teas, sodas and smoothies which come in flavours of mixed berry, blueberry or banana.

The coffees are quite good. Zucré uses beans from Thailand, and rotates its beans frequently. Even though the coffee was a tad too bitter for my tastes this time, it might change the next time I go in. It is hard to ignore this place, the desserts proudly make up for any personal shortfalls I have with the coffee and the food and drinks are good value for money.

Sitting down, I can't help but think that this place is very "pleasant". I like the décor. The cafe is very clean, open, comfortable, English-friendly and fundamentally has that "coffee shop vibe". A nice retreat from the chaos of Chareonkrung Road.
If you are walking from the local BTS station and decide to walk to the Asiatique from there, going to Zucré will make for a pleasant pit-stop.