Le Beaulieu Restaurant

Le Beaulieu Restaurant

Address: Athénée Tower (Lobby)
63 Wireless Road
Bangkok 10330

Transport: BTS Ploenchit Station

Telephone: +66 (0)2 168 8220

Open: 11.30am-2.30pm, 6.30-11pm daily.

The Problem

This is pretty much a follow up to the post about "missing" my Christmas Turkey this year. For my Christmas I had stayed in Bangkok, Thailand. This makes it is my third Christmas away from home and also my first that absolutely nothing had been decided in advance. I had no plan of what my actions would be over the festive holidays.

My girlfriend and I sat down late on a Saturday night and discussed what we should do. Should we go on holiday somewhere? if so where? Are we bothered about making an effort to travel? How much money do we have?
The basic question remains... "what the hell do we do?". 

The Answer

It was finally decided after two cans of Root Beer, two cups of Earl Grey tea, a bottle of still water and a few platefuls of green curry. We should go to a restaurant.

Another Problem

With a restaurant idea down, the problem of a restaurant rose its ugly head. With so many restaurants in Bangkok it would be difficult to choose. Something good, "Christmasy", special and not busy.
It was very early in the morning, hours of discussion had really got us nowhere. 

The Final Answer or The Answer Finally

Sleep proceeded by several mugs of ritual morning deep black water in a mug that some call coffee, (I myself call it "Dream ender elixir liquid") we consulting the internet and found several lovely looking restaurants. After another can of Root Beer, two Earl Grey teas and a coconut biscuit we finally found the restaurant. Le Beaulieu.

Christmas at Le Beaulieu

We found this restaurant a little difficult to find, even though it's right next door to a BTS station. My girlfriend and I's co-ordination and finding skills lack any kind of modern day standard. It is situated in on the ground floor of the Athénée Tower.

Le Beaulieu has a somewhat compact dining room and has attractive modern art displayed on its walls. The smell of chef-patron Hervé Frerard's cuisine is wafting through my nose and instantly turning senses to overload. 

The Special Christmas menu. Several courses of yum!

We are escorted to our table, seated upstairs overlooking the lower dinning room. Le Beaulieu has a more relaxed dinning atmosphere than other restaurants that serve similar standards of cuisine. The staff inside were warm and welcoming and the sommelier knowledgeable, friendly and helpful.

We had a glass of complimentary champagne that was the perfect aperitif and the perfect start to our romantic Christmas feast. We looked over our Christmas menu that was situated in front of us. Several courses, each course consisting of something different, delicious and French. 

Upon receiving our bread and a couple of glasses of water, I was handed the wine list. The list accumulated some very good choices from new and old world and accommodated for the buyer's budget. I opted for a Saint-Estèphe  and found my first course coming over to me.

Each course I found had a touch of flair and intrigue while keeping its French theme at the heart of it's cuisine. I found each dish different from the last. I especially fell in love with the Fois Gras and the Turbot dish.
Each dish vibrant in colour with deliciously contrasting flavours and aromas. The plates were well dressed and carefully detailed.

I am not much of a food writer I have to admit. In my previous experience I am at home writing articles and newsletters about wine. I am afraid writing about each dish will truly bring out my hidden pretentiousness and un-needed critical examinations. I will leave the restaurant review for someone else.

In summary this Christmas meal was one of the best meals I have eaten in a while. I genuinely have my girlfriend to thank for this as if it wasn't for her I wouldn't have been able to afford the bread and the water at this meal.
La Beaulieu, Expensive? yes. Special? yes. Tasty? yes.

"I had so much fun and not even a Christmas-cracker in sight! "