Finding inspiration in home cooking.

The most frustrating question in the world?
"What do we eat tonight?"

I rarely feel stressed. Thank God. 
I rarely have to do much manual labour work. Thank God.
I rarely have to think about anything which is taxing. Thank God.

But why is it that this simple question; "What do we eat tonight?", frustrate me so much that it sometimes feels like the most stressed out, labour intensive and taxing thing in the world.

In the apartment where I am currently living, I am not blessed with being equipped with an Aga cooker or even an oven for that matter. I have a modest two ringed induction hob and a microwave.
My tools and inventory is nothing short of dull. My arsenal includes a saucepan, a frying pan and a wooden spoon. Not exactly a Jamie Oliver kitchen.

I used to watch a cookery show on television called The Little Paris Kitchen. The show is presented by Rachel Khoo and she is as beautiful as she is chic. 
Her show has her cooking all kinds of cuisine from her kitchen which is about the same size as my bathtub. It is tiny or tres petite. But that doesn't stop her from making some of the most tastiest and sumptuous looking food on television. 
My heart sinks when I see the fabulous Rachel conjuring up something in that minuscule kitchen of hers. Lavish food that would take me 5 hours to make myself.
OK, It's untrue what I said about taking 5 hours, but I can't make half the stuff I used to make in the UK. I really miss having an oven. I miss having a collection of saucepans. I miss not having to think about what to make for tonight's meal that is different from previous nights.

"What do we eat tonight?".... Indeed.  

"What do we eat tonight?".... Indeed.

AHHHH the question will again be uttered and heard soon!

I am wondering what kitchen set up do you have at home? Do you have as little appliances as I do and if so what do you make that could add variety to my own cooking? What keeps your passion for cooking going?

I need a way to build back my depleted battery of motivation.

Some of the previous meals I used to make.

Previous tasties!