Windows 10

Our biggest surprise... 
it is not named Windows 9

Tuesday, September 30th. The day that Microsoft is to officially unveil its newest operating system. Just over 3 years since its unveiling of the current Operating System, Windows 8.
Like usual we have had a couple of months of leaks and rumours about what the newest O.S. will look like, smell like and run like. So now Tuesday, September 30th is The Day that we find the rumours, gossip, dreams, speculations, hearsay, suggestions, word, tales, rumbles and suppositions are transformed into the official truth. 

For months we have seen stories emanating online about how Windows is bringing back the Start button that everybody and everything missed since its removal from Windows 8. I remember looking at my dog's face whenever I was in Desktop mode, its eyes tearful like it was mourning a lost friend. Everybody complained, but rumour has it that it is back, so now everybody can be happy again.

We have also seen Metro or the Start screen take a swan dive out of the new O.S. Again everyone hated it, my goldfish Flipper didn't like this one bit either. Instead we are shown Apps incorporated within the Start Menu. So the Start button and the Metro screen are amalgamated into one. But hey, the Start button is back, everyone can be happy again!

We are blessed by more rumours that the Search tab is back. Instead of bashing the Windows key + S we can now again click the familiar Start button and be re-greeted with the commonplace Search tab. Remember the Start button is back, Everyone can be happy again!!

All other rumours are just chicken feed. The Start button is back. All we need is the name. Well, that will be easy to guess. Windows 7 was Microsoft's 7th O.S. Windows 8 was its 8th and its 9th would be called Windows 9. Simple, now let's sit back and wait for the official announcement.

Cue Joe Belfiore, the vice-president of Windows. Joe graces our screens with a backdrop of mood lighting which in turn is the perfect combination with his ultra soft toned voice. An ideal match. It is so soothing and relaxing. And it should be. The Start button is back. Everyone, including my dog and my goldfish can be happy again!!

Learn about some of the features in Windows 10, like the new Start menu, multiple desktops, and improved multi-tasking.

Joe begins to introduce the new O.S., inviting us to sample the new Windows experience. And what can we experience? The Start button is back, "yay!" I hear you call! Are you all happy now? 
Upon many other features heard on the rumour-mill we are blessed with the ability to have 4 apps open simultaneously and the ability to open more than 1 desktop interface. I for one quite like this idea. 
As I am approaching the conclusion of the video I find my brain grinding its gears, trying to put my memory in reverse. The feeling like seeing a movie mistake and the brain picks up on it, followed by the need to playback where the mistake was. I restart the video, and I hear Joe say "Welcome to Windows 10". 
What the hell is going on?! What happened to 9? 9 comes after 8 and definitely before 10. I count my fingers to make sure, yep definitely 8,9,10.

But I think it is a ploy by Microsoft. A clever bit of marketing genius is at play. To call Windows 10 is perfect in many ways:

  • Firstly 10 is a big number. 10 sounds important. 10!!! It is found in a biblical context in the 10 commandments (Religious connection with the Start button being resurrected and the Start button being the savior of Windows.), it is the basis for our decimal systems, it is found in binary, a decade, "top ten", 10 hottest.... 10 stupidest.....10 most shocking..... 
    10 is a psychological number, a number to remember, this is big news people!
  • If it was called 9 the rumours would have been all true, there would be no surprises whatsoever. The transition would have been fabrication-to-official without any talking points at all, but calling it 10... "You didn't see that coming folks!!!"

But okay so they named it 10 instead of 9. So what if they re-introduced the Start button. What Windows is stating is this: Windows 10 is Windows 7. Familiarity is back and so is the Start Button. so... Everyone can be happy now!