Flash-maker Metz enters administration

Germany's Metz-Werke GmbH & Co KG has today filed for insolvency and will go into administration.
An article r
eferred in Reuters' describes the company as being a television maker, but Metz is better known to photographers for its third-party Metz flashguns lighting equipment, as well as a variety of other lighting-related accessories.
It is apparently the company's television business that has been struggling, however, with strong competition and low pricing making the situation unsustainable.

It is currently unknown what will happen to the Metz brand and is unknown what will happen with the products. But apparently for the time being the products and support will remain in operation.

Until further time that Metz will be restructuring its business it is unclear as to what will happen next.
Metz is a very popular choice with photographers and film-makers, as its products are seen as reliable, quality and good value for money.