Bangkok Photo Fair 2014 (Part 1)

Bangkok Photo Fair 2014
(Part 1)

So here it is again, one of the most popular and anticipated expositions in Bangkok. 
The Bangkok Photo Fair comes around every single year and just in time for Christmas shopping madness. I am sure they did this on purpose!

Since last year there has been a myriad of new models from all the manufacturers, each maker battling it out to get their hands on our hard-earned cash. And to do it they come here, to Bangkok.

First up the Sony A7S. This has been the third in the series of Alpha A7 cameras. Almost 12 months since the release of the first A7 and A7r comes the A7s. The prior cameras have become super popular with Sony and other users whom usually preside on the Nikon and Canon brands.
But now Sony will be releasing ANOTHER full frame compact, going by the name A7ii. But as strange as it sounds Sony didn't want to showcase this at the Camera fair, which is a mighty shame as this is the camera that will put these previous 3 models to bed.
But the A7s is here and it is just as amazing as the A7 and A7r. Gorgeous looks, ergonomics and image quality on par to Leica standards. (Not my words but an unanimous photographer that did have a Leica around his neck). 
Unfortunately I will reiterate that the A7ii will be out very shortly and is expected to make the A7s redundant. With the A7s shooting very similar quality of photos to the A7 and A7r, it is hard to take the camera very seriously. Don't get me wrong I love this camera and I want one but Sony have blown me off my feet and I am expecting so much from them. Wait until the A7ii comes out.... I dare you to say that I am wrong. 

Nikon D4s. Nikon has put this camera on a pedestal here. I see three bodies bathed in light and quite literally put on pedestals. Rumour has it Nikon had put a D4s body on the ceiling to showcase its superiority over every other camera. In that case it should be called the Nikon Messiah or Nikon The Creator.
Without a doubt this is an amazing camera, and comes with an amazing price tag. For nearly 210,000 Baht or over £4,000 it can be yours, and they throw in a free Nikon lens tumbler too. Bargain!
Nikon were trying to utterly "whooo" and "whoooot" the people into buying this by attaching the D4s to amazing lenses. Each worth over £1000 a lens. Definitely Nikon are stating that if you can afford the body you can also afford the glass to put on it.  

Nikon D750. Nikon's brand new D750. Fitting in between the D610 and D810, the D750 is suppose to have the affordability of the D610 and the quality parts and features of the D810. That is really the easiest way to describe it. But on paper it is really difficult to find a place for the D750.
I find it difficult to not compare these three cameras together, but as I try and judge this as a standalone the D750 is just a wonderful camera. Wonderful to hold, wonderful to control with just wonderful images. Shooting at high ISO around the 6400+ the images still remain noise free and sharp. Nikon has made a camera that can handle low light situations with ease without spending a fortune. 
An aspect which shocked me most was the weight, It feels so lightweight and is indeed comfortable to carry around in your hand for a long period of time.
The biggest plus point is that the D750 sits roughly £1000 cheaper than the D810. The D810 has 36 megapixels while the D750 has 24 megapixels. So in the mind of this writer it is definitely tempting to forego the added pixel count, save yourself a £1000 and buy a good lens for it. Possibly the 14-24mm F/2.8.

Fuji X100T. Always a pleasure to go over to the Fuji stall, their booth is always the most enjoyable and fun. I try all the cameras that are on offer, well actually I try to. There is always a buzz of popuality here that it is sometimes difficult to even pick up a camera. But I am here to check out the X100T.
The X100 was an incredibly popular camera and one which I praised at last years event. So it makes sense that Fuji would pick this model and try to improve it. Fuji has currently made an advancement on the X100 by creating the X100s. The only major difference is the megapixel count on its sensor; the body and the attached lens were identical.
So picking up the X100T actually feels like I am picking up the same X100 I did a year ago. The body remains the same, a super nice retro and the attached lens is, well identical... BUT... the one I picked up this time around had a sleak sexy black body. A definite contrast and change, minor as it is it is still identical.
The biggest improvement on this camera though is the viewfinder, we now have a hybrid viewfinder, both analogue and digital. Fuji now have provided the photographer to have more information and control over the camera within its viewfinder, for one example is the ability to focus peak in a electronic display in its viewfinder, something akin to having a viewfinder within a viewfinder, which is an amazing feature. One that I am sure people like Sony will copy or enhance upon.
But even though the X100T feels and looks identical to the previous cameras the Fuji is still amazing fun, amazing to handle cameras and above all the images...... OMG the images!

Nikon lenses. A trip to the Camera Fair would not be complete without trying out some spectacularly expensive lenses. I travel up the Nikon gallery steps to savour some unique glass. With a selection of 5 lenses supplied for us to try includes the 800mm f/5.6 at 565,000 Baht (£10,000), the 400mm f/2.8g at 295,000 Baht (£6,000), VR 200-400mm f/4Gii 269,000 Baht (£5700) VR 500mm f/4G 275,000 Baht (£5800) and a Nikon Digiscope.
I have to give a word of warning to all of you whom can afford to buy these lenses, you WILL buy them. The temptation is too immense. Standing on the platform and sniping at everyone I see produced some amazing images. Even at 100% crop the images were sharp as a tac, it quite literally blew my head off. Zooming in on a person the other side of the arena and still being able to see spinach in their teeth is something to behold. I am amazed and thank goodness I don't have the money to buy one. 

So there are three more days of crazy to go. I hope you will indeed read about my escapades and my playing like a little schoolchild with all that the Photo Fair had to offer. I will be back soon, bringing you as much news and reviews as possible.

In the meantime I will be dreaming of my Christmas list.