An afternoon at Bangkok Seashell Museum

The Bangkok Seashell Museum

Bangkok is full of interesting and different buildings, but by keeping away from the multitude of shopping malls, the major famous landmarks and tourist traps we are able to find something fun and quite unique within the city.

So upon deciding to take a simple walk to see what else Bangkok has to offer you may stumble upon the Bangkok Seashell Museum.
Situated on Silom Road, it is easily accessible being close to the banks of the Chao Phraya River. The museum is a quint and yet small building but it houses a collection of thousands of precious seashells from Thailand and around the world. Some pretty, some bizarre and some just damn scary looking. 

 Taken at The Bangkok Seashell Museum. A fantastic collection of seashells and information to behold.

Looking around the Museum is a breath of fresh air in regard to the more touristy avenues in Bangkok. The Museum is cool, informative and a blissfully peaceful place to visit.
There is information and detailed knowledge displayed on the walls which does provide an insight into how the creatures whom live in these shelled-homes live, survive and eat. The Museum is a treasure trove to the individual who likes or collects seashells, there are thousands to behold and wonder upon.

A great collections of seashells and its entry of 150 baht is also very affordable. 

The Bangkok Seashell Museum is full of wonders, from the alluring shapes and sizes of the exoskeletons, the fascinating factoids and the dazzling array of colours, If this indeed sounds cool to you too, then Id encourage a quick visit.

These images are just a small handful of the fabulous array of shells and sea life that the Museum has collected and is on display.

Something creepy yet informative.