I woke up in a good mood, then I started to write.... What happened next will leave you speechless.

It has come to my recent attention that the supply of produced content on the internet is far far far outrunning the demand to absorb, gaze and consume it.
With the peoples' love for the internet there has been and we continue to see an explosion of uploaded content like a gigantic tidal wave, full of loud voices and dynamic opinion. Each individual voice either is whispering about a secret government plot or the vice of a screaming banshee proclaiming that Obama is a socialist Nazi who wears frizzy pink girly underwear.
This content-quarry consists of written personal Blogs, newspaper articles, websites, daily columns, novels and other books, videos on Youtube, Video, Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Vine, a massive bunch of television shows, 24 hours news channels, printed media including magazines, newspapers and topped off with a layer of Podcasts.

The internet is now exploding with new and divergent content every day. Even the most mundane of subjects gets written by at least a handful of writers; and come to think of it even my underpants have been written about by at least two people now.
But with this radioactive explosion of content the demand to read, watch or listen to it has not grown with it, content is being created and it falls on deaf ears, blind eyes and disengaged brains. People and possibly dogs and cats too are not soaking up this content like a hungry bath-sponge but like a flimsy cigarette paper.

So how do you get attraction to your content, well one of the "cunning" strategies is to use "Clickbait". Aptly named because the content in question is fishing for your mouse clicks.
You should be able to recognise Clickbait as it usually carries a line like; "Woman meets man, what happened next will break your heart." or "Man phones Dad, what he hears will terrify your soul" or "Cow goes to Minnesota for an Udder lift what you'll see next will make your nipples erect".
I am just fooling around with the last one but my point is that this shit is everywhere now!
At first it was contained to social media as the idea is that there is usually more gullible people whom click these "fishing tactics" there, but as time has gone by I see newspapers, magazines and even TV doing the same cheap tactic. Usually the results are not that spectacular!!

So were we shocked? No. Were we amazed? No. Did our private intimate parts explode into tiny shards? No. But one thing is for sure.... Are we pissed off with Click-bait? Yes definitely.