Addiction of the Month - April

Possibly the most loathed of all fruits, but for some the loathing comes when you run out of it.

Durian; a fruit that has very recently gone on sale for the first time in the UK. A fruit that stands out as being the most difficult to understand. Undeniably a fruit with a vast amount of contrasts in its adjectives. The Marmite of fruit.

Durian is very difficult to "pin down". Complexities in its smell, appearance and not forgetting its taste.

The senses are indeed heightened on the individual when Durian is in the near vicinity. Its appearance is somewhat intimidating. Durian fruit is found inside of a large husk, similar to a conker husk but multiple times the size. Around the husk is a covering of sharp thorns which adds to the intimidation.
The observer intrigued by its strange appearance will approach closer, intrigued at the alien looking pod. Suddenly the intrigued observer will be introduced to its smell. As odd as it's appearance it will bring adjectives that are subjective the individual. Its smell is described by some as onion, garbage, rotten meat, cheese or even sewer water. It is indeed very difficult to describe, the smell is very unique.
The fruit inside of the husk, depending on the variety is more often a custard yellow, sometimes soft and other times firmer to the touch depending on its ripeness.
The taste is either loved or despised. As difficult to describe as its smell. Bitter, sweet, ambrosia, socks, cheese and meat. To further add to its complexity the taste changes in your mouth. 
The conclusion of experiencing Durian is either harbouring a hatred of it or a new found love. Either way Durian will always be remembered and never forgotten.

Sweet, heavenly Durian.

Sweet, heavenly Durian.


There are multiple varieties of Durian. It can sometimes be difficult to find some of them as some are either too rare or are snapped up by someone else before you get a chance to try them. 
Each variety has their own distinct odour, appearance, taste and not forgetting its price.


One of the fruit's positive features for everyone is the nutritional content. Chocked full of Amino-acids, Vitamin B-6, C and Potassium. Durian will provide you with an instant energy boost. Although the indulger should be wary of its high calorie count.

Durian fruit is definitely one to try on your travels to South East Asia. A delicacy only found here due to it being unable to survive outside of this climate.
Don't be put of by its smell or custard like texture, believe me the more you eat the more you'll appreciate.