Addiction of the Month

"The only way to get rid of a temptation is to yield to it."
Oscar Wilde

My girlfriend has just commented that I have bi-monthly addictions. I hear this as I am laying on the bed enjoying a cut of delicious durian fruit. I instantly shoot up straight, chest out and proclaim, "The temerity! Me! Addicted!? I enjoy a durian now and again, it doesn't mean I am addicted!", I begin to realise I am incredibly defensive. "Give me some examples of my addiction" I say, "well...." she says slowly as a  tactic to bide some time to brain search,
"Last month was Earl Grey tea, The previous month was vitamin D fruit juice, then there was Iced tea, then there was...." 
I lost track of the list she sprouted but some time went on and I was beginning to think she was bored and happened to develop a addicting behaviour of her own by noting what I was eating and drinking going back a few years!!
Reflecting on it, Sarah was right, I am addicted to things, really anything that I put in my mouth.

Here I will post every month what my current addiction is. I think it'l be a cool record on what my trends and attractions to different things are. Maybe it might inspire you to keep a record of what you're eating and see paths in your eating habits.