Addiction of the Month - February

“You took too much man, too much, too much.” 
Hunter S. Thompson

Ok, my first post of my present addiction. The month of February brings about the addiction of: Root Beer.

root beer



1. an effervescent drink made from an extract of the roots and bark of certain plants.

This is a simple definition of Root Beer. But what is missing is the adjective "heavenly".
"Root beer, noun, a heavenly effervescent drink...."

Ooohhhhh Baby.

Ooohhhhh Baby.

I hated the taste of root beer on my first go. I found it tasted like liquorice and Listorine. Not a pleasant taste for me. I then tried again and suddenly "POW", on this occasion it was amazing. The taste of vanilla, brown sugar and mystery. I couldn't put my finger on what root beer tasted like, I still don't but it is delicious and, well, heavenly.   

Here in Thailand they only have root beer from a company called A&W. Fantastic as it always is I cannot find other brands. I somehow feel I am on a personal quest to try every root beer I can find.

My addiction was made apparent by Sarah opening the fridge and finding not just an entire shelf dedicated the heavenly potion but also two trays affixed to the door. There was no room for the milk so we drank black tea till space was available.