Addiction of the Month - March

The Month of March has revealed that my addiction has been Avocado.

 "The Avocado or alligator pear also refers to the fruit, botanically a large berries that contains a single seed."

It started with a salad. A simple avocado salad. It was presented to me at a Thai restaurant and have a delicious dressing on top. The creaminess of an avocado is bliss. Think of it as a parade of nurturing fairies massaging your tongue with microfibre cloths. You feel all the love from an avocado.

Sliced bit of Heaven

Sliced bit of Heaven

I felt throughout March to put avocado with everything. Any excuse to make a salad or delicious guacamole. 
I feel like a professional at peeling an avocado now. Having to peel off the alligator like skin from the silky delicate flesh underneath and ridding the giant seed from the core with efficient and qualified conduct.
It would have been very rare not to have found avocado in my salad tray this month. The salad tray was usually occupied by a six pack of root beer but now I am actually using the tray for its proper function and as a result I feel quite the grown up individual.
Additionally, this month's addiction is a healthy one, so I should feel on top of the world at the end of this month.