Do something for your country... buy drugs and women.

To Politicians: Try and remember how far down hypocrites go in Dante's Inferno.

This post comes on the back of how, recently Italy has decided to include prostitution and illegal drug sales into its GDP figures. Thanks to Italy's masses getting strung out and addicted to drugs and of course not forgetting Berlusconi's bunga-bunga parties, it has been revealed that these activities contribute so much to the economy, only a fool will not include them as a positive spin on economic forecasting. 

A report can be found here.
And so, seeing as London is also found to be the Cocaine Capitol of Europe. I think George Osbourne would be that said fool not to include illegal activity figures into the spurious mix that is Britain's GDP numbers.
I can see why you would. As people are getting used to the idea that they are richer than they really are, we are also under the illusion that we are more financially secure than ever before. It isn't any wonder why you would like to prolong this effect by making GDP look better than it really is.

So, how many other countries will adopt this methods of accounting? Well all of them really... The USA will be next to jump on board because their economy is just as fragile as the UK and Italy's. They are already incorporating Marijuana sales even though Federal Laws prevent financial gains from it. And so then will follow everyone else.

It will be interesting to see how much the economy will jump in places that produce some of these drugs, Columbia and Afghanistan for example. 
Also the countries that will benefit are those who's national pastime is using drugs and buying women. Of course the UK tops that list along with France second. 

Maybe these green shoots of recovery are actually marijuana plants?

For something that has been rammed down the public's throat since we were children that drugs are incredibly damaging to society as a whole, not only to oneself. Repeatedly told how prostitution is a modern day version of slavery. It is quite unfathomable to use these activities now in a favourable light by the very people who told us for all these years that they are unfavourably bad. 

What is the message they are trying to put out? Is it good or bad that the illegal drug industry is more economical than construction industry? If the economy is damaged or held back by preventing prostitution will there be any action to prevent losing any money due to prevention? Or more frighteningly, with the economy pumping out more cheap money, does this make sure that people have enough money to go out to engage in these activities?

we are also under the illusion that we are more financially secure than ever before.
— Dave Lockie

Sometimes politicians will do just about anything for the economy. And I am just waiting for the politician to cite this as evidence of economic recover. 


Take these articles and my writing to be sensationalist if you want but in pure economic terms, Frank Zappa had it right. "All that we need is our Titties and Beer".