This is for all you nerdy types, or just the curious types, I thought I would do something slightly different this time around and talk about something more geeky.... computer technology!

It has come to the worlds attention of a new release.... DDR4.

New Line of Crucial Memory

New Line of Crucial Memory

What is DDR4?.... Actually WTF is DDR?

Firstly, DDR is an acronym which stands for Double Data Rate. It is a class of memory which is used by your computer 
DDR is the predecessor to SDR, which of course stands for Single Data Rate.

The way memory works in your PC or laptop is simply to store information and instructions for your PC's hardware and software, and predominantly used by the CPU.

The memory used in your PC and laptop is called RAM. This stands for Random Access Memory. The way this works is that instructions and information being written and read can be accessed and changed in a random sequence. Software or hardware using memory will be able to access it without waiting for sequenced instructions to be finished.

Okay, so what now is DDR4?

DDR4 is the new class of RAM just being released. It will replace DDR3 as the current technology, just as soon as it becomes more affordable and the technology to support it becomes more widely available.

DDR4 will offer many benefits over DDR3. Not only will DDR4 be quicker but it will have a lower voltage demand. DDR4 will be more powerful but more efficient.

The New Line of Corsair Memory coming soon.

The New Line of Corsair Memory coming soon.


As far as pricing goes, the 16GB kits comes in at £300 - £350 and while we understand that may seem a tad high, the 3000MHz kits of DDR3 are around £320 for just 8GB.
However, since DDR4 is to be a whole new standard, all these prices will fall considerably when there's more competition in the market, and when X99 has been fully released.