Golfing In Thailand: Part 1

Golfing In Thailand: Part 1
With some of the most spectacular scenery, weather and accommodation around. We have come to expect nothing less from Thailand

I have been in and out of Thailand more than a handful of times over the last 12 months. When I leave Thailand to visit another country I usually get to chat with other people that are experiencing their holiday in south-east Asia.
The conversation flows around what to see, what to drink, where to eat and how to get from place to place.

But one topic seems to come up just as much as any other. Golf.

People I meet across the world have a humble passion for Golf. The topic usually pops up by someone asking "what is the golfing like in Thailand? Any good places to go?". By this time I usually say that I have a fondness for the game and that my freelancing is now pulling me in the direction of Golf coverage.
But Golf is highly popular in Thailand. Actually, very highly popular.
Thailand currently is on a drive (pardon the pun there) to become one of the top tour destinations in the world where it comes to the (what some people say) wonderful game of Golf.

There are plenty of courses in Thailand offering some of the best scenery, challenges and packages you can find anywhere in the world and is indeed becoming Golf's capitol of Asia.

There are more that a couple of handfuls of reasons to come and Golf in Thailand but here are a few highlights.

  • Golf Courses (...of course): There are a large number of courses designed by some of the leading designers in the sport. With other courses designed by Jack Nicklaus, Nick Flado and Greg Norman .
  • Price: Compared to European and American courses, in comparison Thai golf courses are more affordable. Not only that but packages that include accommodation and other extras such as free food, drinks and caddies make it a very attractive suggestion for a golfing trip.
  • Accommodation: Some of the newest and luxurious hotels, villas and other places to stay can be located close or right next to the Golf courses.   
  • Weather: Ranging from fabulous to the sublime. In the summer months it can get toasty but some coastal courses are said to have less brutal temperatures with a cooling breeze.

Just by visiting Bangkok itself you are blessed with some of the most beautiful picturesque courses playable today. That is right, just in Bangkok alone. The rest of Thailand has much more to offer you.

Follow me in sequent parts where I visit a few courses and provide you with an insight if you are thinking Thailand to be your next destination. Just bring yourself, your friends and your clubs.