BBC: "VPNs are used by pirates". Part 1: Pursuing The Public

BBC: "VPNs are used by pirates".
Part 1: Pursuing The Public 

Okay, first off I promise not to go off on a tangent about the BBC breaking practically every rule in their own book on BBC standards. Nor will I describe my vehement ardour on how the BBC's claim of impartiality is a fabrication. Nor will I "speculate" and state that the public serves as a 'cash cow' for the BBC.
... At least not in consecutive blog posts.


One thing to get us warmed up. The BBC has a history of accusations against the public. The BBC's operation is based upon money that is collected in the form of a TV Licence paid from the public. Currently it costs £145.50 a year to watch on a colour television and the corporation is ruthlessly aggressive when it comes to retrieving these funds.
Throughout the years we have had posters, advertising campaigns and a whole smorgasbord of paper leaflets and letters stating (You'll have to excuse the paraphrasing) that if we watch television we have to dole out the money, NOW! Otherwise the consequences will be horrendous. Yes, even more horrendous than coughing up nearly £150 to watch Homes Under The Hammer.

With TV Licensing, the BBC will employ a task force of "Licensing Officials" to check that we are not watching television without a licence. We'll have to prove that we are not watching television, if we can't prove it they'll claim they can prosecute. They consider everyone without a licence as an evader. 
Imagine if you will I own a fishing rod, I own it but never use it; does this mean I am considered to be a law breaker because I own a rod and not a licence? That I sneak off in the dead of night and illegally fish? Of course not, it is a ridiculous accusation to make, but this is what the BBC does. Constantly! (Not the fishing of course.)


Anyway, now the BBC has decided to turn its attention to VPNs. What is a VPN? 
Basically a VPN is used to hide or mask your IP address. The website receiver will see a different IP address than the one it should be seeing. A VPN also has the ability to hide information that you are receiving; this provides privacy and security as no-one can snoop on your private communication. The ISP cannot see what you are receiving either as it is just "information" you are getting; this has also led to internet connections speeding up as the VPN bypasses any throttling your ISP does to you. (See my Blog on Net Neutrality)
It can be used for evil purposes, yes. Not everyone is a saint. But to tarnish everyone who uses a VPN is the BBC doing what it does best. Going after the public.
Calling people who use VPNs "pirates" is the same as calling everyone a thief for not having or needing a TV Licence. The BBC are quick to accuse and never as quick to apologise. It is the case again that the BBC are trying desperately to survive while burning any public support it has left. 



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