BBC: "VPNs are used by pirates". Part 2: VPN usage

BBC: "VPNs are used by pirates".
Part 2: VPN usage

VPNs can be used for many different reasons. Most importantly is privacy. 
Even privacy is stigmatised by the BBC now, to be private is considered you are hiding something. It is the BBC who tells millions of people that being spied upon is an ideal. Throughout the years of the public learning about the NSA and the British equivalent GCHQ openly spying on our digital breadcrumbs, the BBC does not act without bias. Throughout the debates and Newsnight episodes not once has the BBC truly challenged the people in charge and fought anywhere near to impartiality.


You might think that blocking an IP address is only used for criminal and shady means. That is what the BBC wants you to think. They will spend billions of pounds to persuade you of that. They would rather see you be digitally snooped, prodded and analysed than anything other than. It does not pass the sniff test.

Since our discovery of the NSA and GCHQ, (and yes that is a fact, not one of the main news carries ever carried the story on this. The attention was on the whistleblower Edward Snowden and NOT on the main subject at hand) it has been in our own interests to provide ourselves with some sort of security or privacy against being spied upon. The BBC does not see it in this way.

What the BBC thinks of people who use VPNs

What the BBC thinks of people who use VPNs

The BBC is struggling to survive. It is now bashing the people it should service; the public. The BBC's service is run mainly through a TV style service. This failure to innovate is causing its demise. TV is out, it is dead. It is a corpse of technology and the BBC is now a zombie that refuses to be buried. It will come after you and try to bite off your arm and turn you into one of its own obedient kind. 

The point I make is this, the BBC is mightily aggressive in its accusations on the public. Without any form of reasoning they will pursue before thinking critically. The role of the BBC isn't to provide "impartial material" but to survive. By any means.
The BBC really needs to change its logic and operation, not only on a basic level of information distribution but how the establishment can relate with the public. 

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