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The amazing landscape of Luang Prabang in Laos.

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This was my second visit to Laos and this time I was in Luang Prabang and it did not fail to astound. For those of you that have not visited the country let me provide some highlights about the country:

  • Laos is one of the most relaxed countries in Asia. Life is in the slow-lane and none chaotic. Often you will see market sellers content in taking a mid-day nap. Believe me everyone is in no hurry here.
  • Coffee is amazing. Laos is one of the quietest producers of coffee in the world but their coffee is astoundingly tasty. Nothing like sitting on your balcony watching Laos life go by with a cup of Laos coffee.
  • Nature is mesmerizing here. The hills in Laos appear to go on forever and each hill has their own prizes to the one who adventures to them, be it amazing views, landscapes and hidden surprises like waterfalls!!
  • Food is amazing also. Similar to other South East Asian countries it appears that all Laos people have the talent of cooking amazing meals. And also they are so healthy. You can choose from either restaurants or super cheap street food.

So if you're planning on paying Laos a visit I congratulate you because you should, it's beautiful.

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