A quick comment on Windows 10


What will kill Windows is Windows itself.

I posted a tweet not so long ago, I asked myself the question "is it time I upgrade to Windows 10?" I answered to myself "...nah" followed by a statement that "I won't have a choice with Windows and Microsoft acting the way it is".
I say this because of a handful of updates stealthily added to Windows Updates or "Patch Tuesdays" that act as a type of Nagware. The Nagware takes the form of a little icon in the bottom right of the Windows desktop, every now and again you'll be reminded how many people have got Windows 10 and how amazing it is and you should get it NOW! It won't leave you alone unless you get rid of the Update or give into the nagging and download the thing.

I state that there are many reasons not to update to Windows 10, some people just don't want to update, others are happy with their current system and others just don't give a shit but I'd rather wait until Windows 10 gets completed before I "upgrade" from Windows 8.1.

Windows 10 now is currently three months old and gauging feedback it desperately needs tweaking and changing from what is being reported from current users of Windows 10. The updates needed include drivers, software, integration and more importantly Windows privacy policies and Windows Updates.

We should all know by now that Windows 10 is a data collection monster, some of the data collected and sold-on is astonishing. All hidden behind a guise of "must needed" and "essential" in the workings of Windows 10. But I will focus on this another time....
What I would like to hone in on is the subject of Windows Updates.

I currently have roughly 55 Windows updates that I have not installed or downloaded. The reason for this is because unlike the majority of Windows users whom let Windows automatically download updates I wait at least a week to update my O.S.
Microsoft has a long history of releasing updates for Windows that destroy their own O.S., I am not talking about making it worse by making Minecraft harder or filling the O.S. full of bloatware I am talking about an update trashing the pc and making it unusable and magnificently difficult to fix, especially when an average user is involved.
Try telling a 60 year old computer illiterate user that to fix their pc they must fudge around with their registry.

images (1).jpg

What Windows 10's problem for me is is that I cannot wish to not download and install updates when I know it will kill my pc. With my holding back a week I can research if any updates will kill my pc and thus not download it and wait until there is a patch or fix for the murderous update.
Windows 10 will take that away from me. Windows are more satisfied in feeding a bad update which I'd have to patch myself rather than me waiting for them to release a fixed patch.

Am I being paranoid? Nope. As I said Windows 10 is three months old and every obligatory update has seen faults, destruction and chaos brought to its users.
How is this an improvement?
Is Windows using us as testers for them?
Where is the quality control?
With Windows 10's forced update policy there's no obvious way to protect your system, so Microsoft's insistence on forcing stealthy patches will kill Windows 10.

You can see the exchange with Microsoft in my Twitter feed.

Will I be upgrading to Windows 10 soon? Nah.... I won't have a choice with Windows and Microsoft acting the way it is.