A Walk Around Bangkok

Armed with a Camera, full battery, empty SD card and accompanied by another enthusiastic photographer...
We hit the streets.

Bangkok is hot... really hot. This is sometimes the stumbling block for most street photographers who tour the streets of the capitol. On top of the searing heat emanating from the sun there are pavement food stalls and passing traffic to add to the often hellish aura. 

Not only does heat pose a problem for photographers here in Bangkok but also the power of the sunlight causes more than a handful of trouble for our camera and indeed our own eyesight. When the mid-day sun is beating down and cooking you the power of the light is incredibly strong, this can limit the amount of "experimentation" the unequipped photograph can encounter.

So sometimes it is beneficial, like a marathon runner or an army recruit to have company with oneself. The fellow runner or the drill sergeant are there to push you further, to make you go that extra mile, to boldly take you where no man has gone before!
I have with me this day a fellow photographer, or to fit the metaphor "runner" GIta Shah, who's enthusiasm for photography had driven me to create something new and push my photography further.

Dave Lockie2 Comments