Singapore Collection - The Extras

Singapore Collection
The Extras

Considered one of the most modern and technologically advanced countries in south-east Asia, it has its place upon the Formula 1 calendar and is considered one of the leading economic as well as environmentally friendly cities in the world.
I am of course discussing Singapore.

Upon gaining independence from the British, Singapore decided to focus on a sound and stable economy and welcomed world finance onto its shores thus making Singapore known as one the easiest places in the world to do business.
Singapore is home to several districts that include world finance, shopping and business districts. Within each district, care and attention has been a part of the factors that lead to the streets and buildings of Singapore looking the way they are.
Its focus on wide avenues, green spaces and "eco" thinking has produced individually amazing architecture, landmarks and features that have risen the happiness, experience and satisfaction of its own people as well as the many thousands of visitors who frequent Singapore.

With its high growing economy and rapid building projects one would expect Singapore to be running out of space, and indeed it is and will be if present expansion continues. Its diamond shaped island will inevitably run out of capacity one day, but that has not stopped Singapore from keeping the environment in thought. It is home to plenty of green spaces, parks and even their buildings cater for the environment. 
It is not a rare sight to see a high rise building in Singapore or an avenue lining its city roads that do feature foliage or plant life. This focus on the environment is a fresh sight to see as most capital cities and other dense cities feature only buildings made out of cement, glass and steel, and all you see are these elements.

I would really encourage people to visit Singapore, It is in Asia but I consider it Asia-Lite. One of the main reasons for this is English is its mother tongue, a remnant of it former colonial days, so firstly the language barrier is not a problem that you'd come across.
Secondly, the people are amazingly friendly, helpful and courteous. Unfortunately it is sometimes rare to see all these qualities in Asia. There are no scams, no xenophobia and the people of Singapore do the little things like hold doors open for you and apologise for bumping into you that I find extremely welcoming.
Thirdly, is its food and drink. I have found many places that do amazing coffee and breakfast/brunch. With its inhabitants including Chinese, Malaysian, Indian, Thai and European it has an abundance of cuisine that would cater for your tastes.

These are the Singapore extras from Life Vignettes, the official collection will be found here.