A Day Out in Nonthaburi

Towers of exotic and juicy fruits, mountains of intensely hot chili peppers and a vast array of smoke and barbecue that would put the smog of Beijing to shame. I decided to take a long awaited visit to the city of Nonthaburi, just north of Bangkok.

After having an accident which forced me to take it easy for a while I decided to go somewhere to celebrate my being able to walk again. I had read numerous times about a small city on the far end of the water taxi line called Nonthaburi.
The weather was hot,and I mean HOT. My first mistake of the day was getting excited about finding ample space and seats on the water taxi ride. Like I usually do I am deeply absorbed into music and I just sat at the first available seat. Two minutes into departure I find I made a mistake. The sun is beaming its force down upon me and I can feel my skin beginning to gently cook, so upon this I look at the other side of the boat and see every seat taken by people who have planned for this eventuality sitting comfortably and coolly  

The boat ride was approximately an hour from the central pier and I got to see the surrounds of the Chao Phraya river, it's landmarks, people and history, all while listening to some of my favourite music.

The city itself is a far more relaxed scene than in central Bangkok, with its wide street avenues, open air and laid back attitude it really feels like a place you could walk around peacefully and calmly with your hands in your pockets and whistling The Archers theme-tune. 
Unfortunately with the sun being relentless as it was I had to quickly move around.
My sanctuary was the huge food market situated within five minutes brisk walk from the pier. If you are familiar with Thai markets you would understand, they are HOT, WET and BUSY but this one is unique. It is so quiet. People doing trade in a peaceful calm, gentle chatter and unconcealed pontification.
The centre of the market is all about foods. Fruits, vegetables, meats, fish, herbs, Thai essentials and freshly cooking snacks while the outer rim is general market things like clothes and household goods.

I managed to get a few shots of the market place and Nonthaburi before the sun started to get the best of me.
If there was any advice for the traveller it is to go here early and drink cooling water as there will be plenty of heat and walking around. But if walking is not your thing then you can easily get around by getting a rickshaw!