Photography from Home

It takes a special kind of person with remarkable attributes to appreciate some of the elements of South Wales. What do these people have in common? The trekker, the runner, the swimmer, the hiker, the golfer....... they are not put off by rain.

Indeed, there must be a gulf of people in Wales that are not put off by rain that they go about their day blissfully ignoring the fact that it is 11 degrees Celsius with 99 percent precipitation and super low air pressure in the middle of supposed summertime.
I have been lucky to be living in completely the opposite situation, myself only experiencing a few digits of rainfall days in the past year. I have experienced paradise beaches and warm evening sunsets so I feel climbing a mountain to view the scene of nothing apart from rain clouds and dense mist a tad futile. 
Imagine if you will the scene from The Lion King where Simba and his father is looking out over the savanna, if this was set in Wales all they would see is grey misery.

That has meant my photography has severely lacked in quantity since my revisit to my home pastures. Every day the same wretchedness of biting winds, freezing rain and cloaked clouds bring melancholy to ones day. It was sometimes easy to admit defeat when out and about with a camera in hand and a notepad in the other, it is too easy, like it is now to talk about weather and precipitation levels and photograph endless rain scenes. It would have been easier to capitulate and head to the nearest bar and drink Pina Coladas because that is as close to a summer vibe as you are going to get. 

But never give up is the mantra. Always be optimistic and as sober as possible because you never know when the sun will break through the terror and horror of UK cloud formations. For those of you who are not the picky and fussy fair weather person then South Wales should not make a difference to you but seeing South Wales in colour is entirely spectacular at times.   

On a personal note I feel very guilty about taking my home for granted. For the past decade I have travelled like some of the greatest that you see on TV but without most of the skill and talent that they have. Like Bill Bryson I have travelled, slept and eat in some of the most weirdest and amazing places in Asia. I have anecdotes and stories to tell. I have a checklist of ticked off countries. I have souvenirs from all over. But I cant say that I have been anywhere in South Wales.

My home always been just a home, you go here for shopping, you go there for recreation but you don't go somewhere else because it is always raining. So what is the point?!
Unlike the dog walkers and hikers and so forth that I described earlier natural beauty in Wales was always undiscovered by me. The places that these photographs are from are mainly places that I have never visited before. And these are just an hour from my house. Shocking.

So with my art being cancelled due to "rain stop play" here are some of the photographs that I managed to take when natures elements is not trying to provide me a slow death of illness due to being exposed to endless rain. I have sampled some shots here from a keep in the middle of nowhere called Weobley Castle, the beautiful long beaches of Tenby and the fabulous environment of Rhosili.