Windows 10 - My Verdict... So Far

I say my verdict "so far" because even though Windows 10, Microsoft's current Operating System, has been out for well over a year it is only within the last 30 days have I had it. Within the 30 days I have been...well... doing the same stupid mindless idiotic crap that I did on the previous Windows. So does it work? Yes. Is it fast? Yes. Is it amazing? You really need to get out more.

Windows 10 being integrated in anything Microsoft.

OK let me first start off by saying upgrading was easy. I simply upgraded using a USB stick then proceeded to click three times and let the executable do its thing. It took a while as I have a slow hard drive but I am sure it would have gone faster with an SSD installed.
BUT..... it worked!
I upgraded from my nerve teetering bipolar OS of Windows 8.1 upto the modern standard of Windows 10. It did not change anything, I also did not need to reinstall anything and for a few hours of playing around everything seemed to be working just fine. There was one issue about automatically updating my graphics driver to a version nearly 9 months old, but that is forgivable.

So installation worked. As for function, this also works. It just works. It does. Nothing left to say about it. All apps work as they suppose to, even the metro style live update apps, as these apps were quite problematic within the previous OS. These apps would sometimes work and sometimes not, but when they were not working this provided me with an indication that the OS needed restarting. The non-working apps would coincide with the inability to access most of metro apps and to control the brightness of my screen. The refresh sorted it all.

Start Button is back... Improvement? I think so.

But everything works fine. It is polished, quick and easy to use for everyone. I think if that was the selling point of Windows 10 then they have definitely nailed it. When using my PC I feel less trepidation about opening apps that have a history of blue-screening my PC. Apps like Windows Store!!! But I have not had ONE blue-screen yet and I have even fiddled around with it to check.

But there are some foibles and somethings that stress me while using Windows 10. Firstly it is its relation to Windows 8.1's characteristics of "if something goes wrong", the user wont have a clue why or how to fix it. This problem has been made worse using Windows 10.
This is because of Windows new policy on automatically downloading updates, instead of the option to review and decide not to download and install it, Windows automatically downloads and installs it regardless of Windows history of faulty patches and some really catastrophic updates in the past.
Previously I would review every single update before installing. I would wait nearly a month to see if anyone is having problems and if they were how to fix it if a problem arises. Now I don't have that option.
If I do have problem I have no idea what part of the update has trashed my PC, no idea how to fix it and no idea what to do. But how does this relate to Windows 8.1?
Well with the previous Windows would get errors, blue screens and a lot of minor problems (you can read this further in my previous post) that would appear for no apparent reason and then would mysteriously fix itself. It was incredibly frustrating and now Windows makes the matter worse by not providing enough information on what Windows is automatically downloading. It is like trying to fix a very delicate Swiss watch while blindfolded.

The Objective Verdict

End of Charms. Introduction to Notifications Tab.

Windows 10 has been subject to much criticism since its arrival, one being the privacy policies of it. Such policies are seen as a gross violation of simple privacy and I can somewhat agree with such criticism. Our identities are becoming more and more exposed to Governments and private institutions and this information is being easily thrown around. Selling information to anyone and storing data in multiple locations that can get breached by hacking or simple leaks is indeed problematic. We also currently don't know how much information Microsoft is receiving about us and we don't know what agencies are collecting information on us. It is very Orwellian and further if our information is used in relation with criminal activities we do not have a clue whether it is OUR or THEIR fault for providing the information for criminals to use.

Of course the internet is a pool of frustration and anger about pretty much any subject you can think of so some backlash about the Operating System as a whole is not valid or deserves merit. Like I said, it works..... what the hell else do you want it to do? 
It looks new and feels old. The start button is back.... yay.... and the rest of the O.S. functions like the beloved Windows 7, but it is faster, more stable and has a better interface. But some people are very attached to what they find comfortable and they definitely don't like change. I can understand this nostalgia or "if it doesn't break don't fix it" maxim but we cannot stay on Windows 7 forever. We need to improve, we need to innovate and we need to progress. We saw an experimentation with Windows 8 and we are now seeing the progression with Windows 10. It is not perfect but it is definitely great.... so far.

Quick Verdict

I am very impressed. It was easy to install, easy to use and easy to customise. My concerns are still its automatic updates and privacy policies. I wish Microsoft will sort things out with faulty updates as Patch Tuesday is STILL the most stressful part of my month.

And Further More.....

Upon writing this Windows 10 is still an infant, it is growing up with many updates and improvement in the pipe-line such as the Anniversary Edition, also is this writers opinion that this will be the FINAL Windows so this is an early verdict and one that could possibly change. But for now.....