A Quick Update

I have been looking at my web traffic as of late, like all administrators it is part of the job to see and analyse how people are using my website. There have been a few surprises looking over the data. Not very many people using Windows 10 or 8.1 visit my site, that is mainly taken up by Apple users and a similar result shows for mobile and tablet user. Mainly Apple users visit me, so for those of you who own Apple and browse around my website... Thank you.

So after analysing, drinking and procrastinating I will soon be setting up a new service designed for you Apple people out there. I will have have a Apple News Channel, making it easier to follow what I do and keep up to date on projects that are unfolding. Its going to be a busy year!

Also is the experimentation of faster with my integration of Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP). With AMP activated, my blog posts are stripped of heavier desktop-only content, allowing posts to load instantly on any mobile device and letting me connect with you, my readers in a fraction of the time. AMP pages load an average of four times faster and use 10 times less data than a non-AMP page. Excellent news indeed!

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