Photography at Rio

No. I am afraid I may have misled you or indeed made you another victim of dreaded scoundrel behaviour of "click-baiting", let me again say... no. No I am not in Rio. No I am not photographing in Rio or Brazil or even anywhere near the continent. (unfortunately for me.)

But I wish to all that is powerful and granting that I was going. Not just because of all the amazing opportunities it would give me but to see, in person the amazing collection residing in Canon's official headquarters also called "Canon Professional Services" at the Games.

Canon's tool shed.
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Apparently I was unbeknownst that the fortunate photographers at these games and previous games for that matter can get their press cards scanned and can proceed to "borrow" any equipment they desire courtesy of Canon. 

Just pick one... or two if you prefer.
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Oh how I wish I was there.

The largest Canon equipment collection you may ever see.