Laos - A Rainy Plog

This is my third visit to beautiful Laos's capitol Vientiane, on prior occasions the ground was dry, the dust was red and the weather was beyond hot. 
But in this latest visit it was the complete antonym of previous experiences, the ground was wet, the dust turned to brown muddy sludge and the weather was cold(ish). I could not believe it was the same place I have visited before.

It is rain season currently for most parts of Asia and this trip to Laos has provided enough evidence to support this as fact. I had stayed three nights in Vientiane and it rained nearly constantly throughout. It was dark, cold...(ish) and exceedingly wet to do much photography. People were indoors, everything was covered in grey mist and I was wearing linens, not exactly the correct attire for the sombre situation.

Even though, there were rays of hope and sunshine from time to time, brief time but enough to take some kind of photography. I must add that some would have used this as an opportunity to experiment and get shots fired and that rain is no excuse to not do photography, by using this reason and logic I would have been wetter, colder...(not "ish") and extremely miserable. Albeit much like the weather my photography on one hand would look like a black and white TV commercial for anti-depressant medication. So I only ventured out in non-deluged environments to capture these, it is a very small collection but... hey.