A New Year. Now a quick reflection on 2016.


So far it seems that 2017 is a steady ship, build on hope, tenacity and a desire to ameliorate ourselves and others. So now would be a good time to take a moment from looking at the future to reflect on what we have undoubtedly passed an incredible year. 

Firstly for us all we have witnessed some phenomenal events that has tapped into our deepest emotions, from joy and elation at viewing our country's athletes compete in the Olympics to confusion and sorrow following the horrific number of deaths of popular culture figures.

The passing events of 2016 has indeed made us stronger and driven towards our future's endeavours and to the challenges that may lay ahead. Of course, each year brings about pressures that involve money, work, happiness and family but we are now wiser and stronger than we were this time last year. 12 months of learning, change and perseverance has made us prepare for what 2017 could throw at us.

So that is where we will be in the coming year. A year of challenges, some really big challenges requiring bigger decisions, requiring strong leadership and direction. I wish that for us all individually and for us all as a society.

I am confident we can all achieve what we want this year, through hard work and confidence.

There we are.... my little New Year's message, I hope you all a Happy New Year. To my growing family, to my friends, to all who have supported and challenged me in 2016 I thank you and will love you always.

HAPPY 2017!