New Year. New website design.


After a long process of adding, subtracting, changing, re-organising, reformatting, scrapping, deleting, researching and more tinkering around the edge I have finally finished the next look of the website.

My aim is to make it much more visually appealing. I want to show off my photographs in as much detail as I can, in high resolution and in full visuals!
Another aim is to make it easier for you guys to navigate on various devices. I have took the effort to make it easier for people whom are using tablets or mobile phones to discover my content.

So far, this is just phase 1 of the changes. There will be a load of new content and writing coming in the next couple of weeks. For those of you that keep up with every blog and every new addition I not only thank you from the bottom of my heart but I will be making it easier for you to follow me and get the latest updates by providing better RSS and Social network communication.

I hope you enjoy the new look. 

Happy New Year!

Dave Lockie Photography.