GearEye for the Disorganised Guy.


However much we think that we are indeed flawlessly fastidious and meticulous when it comes to planning, preparing and remembering every single piece of equipment, gear and accessories that we take out with us, in reality we always forget... something. Always.

As a photographer, it is probably just me, but my mind is in shooting mode. "What could I possibly do that will be fresh and exciting?". "What could I possibly do to push myself?". I do this before every shoot and I cannot switch my thoughts off from the work at hand. Unfortunately I am not blessed with several assistants or some kind of roadcrew whose sole purpose it is to look after equipment. I pick up what I need and GO.

Then guaranteed!! I come to discover either when I am far away from my flat or when I am just about to begin shooting that I have forgotten something. Again. But I have discovered something rather cool as of late. It is called the GearEye.

Never lose gear ever again. 1-click rollcall for everything in your bag.

It is described as the “smart gear management system” or a “location-based logbook for your gear,”. It works using RFID (radio-frequency identification) to take a roll call and account for every piece of gear, equipment and accessory inside of your camera bag, or case, or trolley, or whatever packaging you house your stuff in.

The application is that one (or your lazy assistant) has to insert the dongle into your case, slap one of three different sized RFID stickers onto each piece of equipment and hit “Scan” on the downloaded app before walking out the door. 
The dongle does a head count of all the equipment in your inventory. The app will show you if every item with a sticker is accounted for. If something is vacant from the inventory it will help you track it down within a 9-foot range by pressing the “Locate” button. You can also use the app to create checklists of stuff you might need for different shooting situations.

There are currently two styles of GearEye available: the aforementioned stand-alone dongle that’s designed to fit into the bag and a folio phone case (that doubles as a charger) for iPhones and Samsungs. Both need to be charged daily, although the RFID stickers are battery-free. You can buy 20 extra tags (5 metal + 10 non-metal tags) for about $10. (Or the current exchange rate.)

GearEye’s had started their campaign on Kickstarter and within a short amount of time had already obliterated their Kickstarter fund target. GearEye is technically designed for photographers and videographers but others seem to love the concept.
The product does not ship until July, so if you are interested you’ve got a few more months of lamenting about how well organised you use to be every time you forget your god damn spare battery.